Repair Steps

Repair Steps

You’ve found yourself in an auto accident.  Now what?  First please make sure that you and others involved are safe and do not require immediate medical attention.

Step #1 – File a Claim:  If you have been involved in an accident with another party.  You will need to exchange insurance information and file a claim with the at fault party.  This usually requires you calling the insurance phone number on the proof of insurance card.  The insurance company will give you a claim number, an adjuster and their contact information.

Step #2 – Getting an estimate:  Most insurance companies will start the estimate process for you.  They will ask you to submit photos to them.  They will generate an estimate from these photos.  This is a great starting point, although often incomplete.

Sometimes the insurance company will direct you to have your shop of choice write the initial estimate.  We are happy to do this for you and usually require an appointment.  Please call our office to set up an estimate appointment.

Step #3 – Visual Inspection:  Now that you have the insurance company estimate, you can share that with us.  Please email your estimate to  We will print off your estimate and schedule you for an in person visual inspection.  A member of our staff will read over your estimate and confirm there are no other repair requirements for your vehicle.

Step #3 – Scheduling repairs:  Now that we have a complete and accurate estimate, either from insurance or our shop, we can schedule your vehicle for repairs.  Our scheduler will work with you to find the soonest date that we can repair your vehicle.  We will also confirm payment from the insurance company, any sort of deductible the will be owing as well as if you will need a rental car.

Step #4 – Ordering parts:  Our shop strives to have all parts on hand before your vehicle comes in for repairs.  If we find that there is an unexpected delay or backorder, we may reach out to you and reschedule your repair appointment.

Step #5 – Repair drop off:  The day has come,  you are dropping your car off for repairs.  We will likely ask you to drop if off by 8AM.  Please do not drop it the night before without previously receiving permission, as we have very limited outdoor overnight parking.  Please make sure anything that anything that might smell yummy to our outdoor critters is out of your vehicle, as well as anything you consider of value.  We will have you sign repair authorization papers, receive any insurance payment checks and take the key to your vehicle.  We will also remind you of our target return date of your vehicle.

Step #6 – Initial Tear Down:  Our technicians will tear your vehicle down of the damages.  They will assess if there were any underlying damages related to the accident.  If additional damages and or parts are needed, we will create a supplement to your insurance company.

Step #7 – Additional parts ordered.

Step#8 – Body and Paint:  Body repairs are made, including glass, frame and mechanical.  Then your vehicle will head over to our paint department where refinish work will be completed.

Step #9 – Reassembly:  Your vehicle will head back to our “body side” for any reassembly after the refinishing work.  If your vehicle needed glass work done, this is typically where we have glass replaced or reinstalled.

Step #10 – Test drive and detail:  We will usually take most vehicles out for a quick test drive to make sure everything is working properly.  We will then clean your vehicle, inside and out.  Our shop can be very dusty and we don’t want you to have to take that home with you.

Step #11 – Completion:  You’ll be able to pick up your vehicle.